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2016-04-09 Alex [Pervouralsk]

I just received five shirts from my first order. The quality is really good and this cost me 3 times cheaper than I had to pay before to other companies. The time is the most important! Taking into account the peculiarities of my body, I have to spend a lot of time for fitting the shirt plus the time I spend finding the necessary source fabric. Thank you, I am very pleased.

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2016-04-05 Igor [Novosibirsk]

Today I received my first order which was the turquoise Polo. It is sewn very well and made for a full due. The fabric is a bit naff, but the quality/price ratio is very good. Thank you very much! I was surprised by a signed welcome card - these are the little things that create a good reputation - well done!

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2016-02-17 Pavel [Moscow]

Good afternoon! I ordered 4 shirts and got my trial shirt for free. Thank you, it’s very nice of you.

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2015-12-31 Alexander [Moscow]

New Year’s at the door, so despite some difficulties, miracles happen. I got my order #71301 in time, I also would like to thank Pony Express team for that! The shirt is amazing!!! Thank all of you so much!!! Wish you Happy New Year! We’re gonna be friends!

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Thank you very much!

2015-12-17 Alexander [Moscow]

Hello. I finally got to this company and placed my first order # 70834, previously I ordered from competitors. After receiving the order, I got a little upset, because there were some shortcomings, which were not expected and not anticipated. There were problems with the sizes, I took the measurements by myself according to the instructions on the company website. Eventually, the shirt didn’t fit well. I decided to email the support team and explained the situation. After a short period of time, I received a reply, in which I felt incredible support from the Head of the company Vasily! He listened and responded to all my complaints, requests and suggestions, he met me halfway and suggested a compromise, that is definitely captivating and leaves only positive impressions of the company and the customer approach. I work with clients, in another field though but I know how hard it is to retain customers, how hard it is to please everyone. As a result, I came to the office to take back the shirt that didn’t fit, so the company employees were absolutely alright with that, I didn’t notice any unhappy faces. They also helped me to alter the measurements (the employee's name was Olga, if I'm not mistaken), these people are professionals and they know human body as well as the production technology and characteristics of the pattern. Thank you all for THIS!!! My conclusion is that you should come to the office, there are samples of all fabrics - it is very convenient and is much more evident than on the computer screen. Also a big advantage in visiting the office will be taking right measurements and consultations of experienced professionals!!! I highly recommend, order at Rubashka na zakaz and don’t worry, you won’t be neglected or deceived, as it can happen at those stores which are seeking a one-time profit,not accumulating a customer base!

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2015-10-04 Dmitriy [Moscow]

Thank you for the shirt, I ordered it for my wedding, it fit really well (I took measurements at the company office in Moscow). I had my shirt done in time. Big range of fabrics and colors to choose from.

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