Premium Finish Package

Especially for you we are introducing a new option - Premium Finish Package. Our shirts are produced with advanced technologies to meet all current quality standards. However, we offer extra finish possibilities for premium quality devotees.

We have created a single option, which includes a set of unique additions to your shirt so that we do not create several separate elements in the constructor. The option can be selected in the section Details - Finishes.


Mother-of-pearl buttons made from the shells of sea mollusks for premium quality shirts have functioned as a status symbol for long. Rays of light, refracted and reflected in the plates of mother of pearl, deflect and give unexpected shades. Therefore, each button on the shirt has a unique design.

For the buttons and shirts in General, sewing is very important. The right sewing is a very important and not so fast process. The so-called "leg" formed when buttons are sewed manually, does not "harm" the buttonhole, and lets the fabric of the shirt lay down as it should, so that it has no wrinkles in the button area.

High level of finish can be easily determined by the frequency of the stitches. Not less than 7-8 for one seam cantimeter is perfect.

Gusset is a historical element of a shirt. Now it is a decoratory element but it used to function as an element for fixing seams. Thanks to gusset, shirt served its owner longer.